Kings of Leon to iPod

I’m trying to transfer the tracks on the Kings of Leon cd to my iPod but the copy protection is not allowing me to do so. I’ve downloaded Clone cd but I do not know what to do once I’ve burn’t the file as an ‘image’ onto my hard disk. I am not familiar with an image file - how do I convert it to some sort of audio file so I can transfer it to my ipod.




I’m not experienced with this either - but all I do know is that once you have an ISO file / Image on your HDD - you will need an ISO extractor, or ISO explorer to extarct the files you want…

2 products that I have used, and that are pretty good:


MagicISO (

There are probably hundreds of better products out-there - sure the the guys here can recommend some…

But these will get you going and have always worked well for me!



Also try UtraISO.

CloneCD doesn’t make an ISO, it makes a CCD extension. Try Exact Audio Copy & AudioCatalyst to see fi they can bypass the protecton and rip the tracks staright up without a need for a double workload.

thanks for the advice guys. I’ve downloaded the programs but I don’t really know what I’m doing. When I put a copyprotected cd in the drive, do the details automically pop up or what? How do I extract the contents ofthe cd so I can identify the music files? I’ve looked at the help menu but I’m still very confused what I am supposed to do. Any more advice would be welcome. Hey you can even spoon feed it to me if you’ve got some spare days!!