Kingmax SuperRAM Dual Channel 184-Pin 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 $72.99

Free shipping. These are CAS 2.5 with a lifetime warranty. $72.99 delivered after $15 rebate. Tax in CA.

In stock: NO

another simelar deal
but only last threw the week. if you need ram it a good opernitunity!!
but this week bb had 256 for 45.oo + 27.00 mir,look in the flyer next week or the following week for the 512 to do the same!!happy hunting

Back in STOCK as of 12:30 PM EST (3/25/05)! Same price.

Tiger screws you with the $15 shipping. Don’t know much about the quality of the Circuit City RAM.

These Kingmax modules are CAS 2.5…equivalent to Corsair Value.

This is a review of KingMax’s PC3500 line. I expect similar performance from the PC3200. A steal at $72 with lifetime warranty and FREE shipping.

If you’re more of an everyday user who doesn’t push the system to the edge then the KingMAX SuperRAM PC3500 will work just fine.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for some economical memory that isn’t the avoid-at-all-costs generic stuff, then the KingMAX will serve you very well indeed.

Just a note: I ordered a 512MB stick of Kingmax PC3200 (red) about 8 months ago and it was defective - it failed w/in 12 hours. Never tried them again, I always use Corsair Value for entry-level applications (such as this).

I ordered this pack of memory from Newegg and I can honestly say it’s been working flawlessly in my Dual Hyperthreading setup. Have 2 sticks of 256 megabyte Kingston PC-3200 DDR and 2 sticks of the 512 megabyte Kingmax PC-3200 DDR and I’m very satisfied in the overall performance of the computer since bumping it up to 1.5 gigabytes of memory. :bigsmile: So thanks for the OP for posting this link, very happy with the purchase!