Kingmax releases 'worlds most revealing' USB stick

Kingmax releases ‘worlds most revealing’ USB stick.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Hardware manufacturer Kingmax has released  an USB flash drive that's according to Kingmax the 'most revealing flashdrive in the world'. 

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I’m not certain these will replace nudey golf tees or nudey poker cards, though. We’ll see.

Or how about nudie drink glasses that the clothes disappeared when ice was added?

I think that these will helpful for our people of driving. Because, driver can see it clearly, and they don not want the flash. There is another USB that also can help us. The USB charger cable can be fixed a camera inside. It as a common tool is used to charge the phone, so we can take this good chance to hide a camera inside the USB cable. For more inflo, please visit :

This reminds me of my very first flash drive (which I have very fond memories of). It had dark semi-transparent casing, so everytime I used it, the read/write LED would light up and show the insides of that drive. Despite the limited capacity (128MB, which in all fairness was a lot in ~2006), and firmware bugs (it’s very picky about which USB controller chipsets it wants to work with), I have to say it is my all-time favorite flash drive. If it weren’t for those two aforementioned quarks, I’d still be using it as my main flash drive to this day (that, or the physical sectors would have been burned out by now).