I have problem ripping this one Stoping Scanning at 98% Help please
I have anydvd using default settings

I would check that the disc is clean - from what AnyDVD is reporting is doesn’t seem to have any special protection. Might be that the disc is defective or scratched. Might be worth trying to copy and paste the disc to your hard drive - see if works.

Nero CDSpeed will tell you if the disc has any errors.

If all the fails - maybe DVDDecrypter might rip it - then CloneDVD2 can work is’t magic straight from your hard drive.

Thanks man

Post back to say if you getting it working or not - if it doesn’t work - I sure there will be some more ideas to try.

I/O error :sad:

In which region is Kingdom of Heaven out already? HMM?

Region 2

I checkdit in Nero CDSpeed no errors Anydvd is the problem I think

If you think that AnyDVD is the problem then turn off AnyDVD, read/zip the .IFO files from the original and send to Support at (repace at with @). If it is something new they will usually have a new release in less than a day.

Here is a link to a post giving explicit instructions on sending the .IFO files;

Backed my version of Kingdom of Heaven Region 2 using AnyDvd with Clone Dvd no problem. Dvd Shrink also managed backup on its own without AnyDvd running in background. Disk has no new form of protection on it as Shrink would not have coped on it’s own. Great Film

Somethings fishy here … IMDb lists no R2 release. The R1 release will only be available Oct 11th. A major Ridley Scott movie without CSS. Impossible. Who are we helping here? Maybe I misunderstand …? Shrink decripts?

What a bummer, only 2 kb left on the file and can’t get it done.
It’s also possible the probem may continue with the remaining VTS_08_0.Bup file.

Try cleaning the disk thoroughly, give special attention to the outer edge. Then start AnyDVD, open up Windows Explorer, and ONLY try copying the VTS_08_1.Vob( defective File), and the VTS_08_0.Bup (remaining file) to a temp folder. If it works you can then copy the two files into the decrypter folder where the others reside.

Quite frankly I have not had much luck with errors on disks.

Three options for you, in DVDDecrypter have it ignore the error and hope that it works and doesn’t freeze the movie.
Second option is select movie only, rather than Clone the DVD, this may possibly eliminate that file.
Third, return the disk for a new one, tell them it is defective and freezes in your player.

Was released here 3rd Oct - see - so that is UK/Ireland PAL Region 2. Might rent it this weekend - anyone know if it is a good movie?

SparkySpark described it as “Great Film” at the bottom of post #11.

I find sometimes a movie gets a great review, and I think it sucks, other times it may get a poor review and I liked it. We all have different tastes.
So rent it and don’t buy it so your loss will be minimal if it didn’t appeal to you.
Hope you enjoy it as much as Sparky did.

In the AnyDVD information window of the first post you can see, that it is CSS protected. Shrink does decrypt CSS, that’s why it is considered illegal in some countries.

Ok then, I withdraw my “fishy” comment and appologize. :o

As far as whether it is a good movie, I trust Ridley Scott movies. I ordered from Amazon and paid for one day delivery. I won’t get it till Monday or Tuesday though. How come R2 rates an earlier release(?)… do they pay more taxes or something? :wink: