King kong trouble

Is this title notorious for problems? I think I saw a thread with Narnia giving people grief. I haven’t copied many movies with this lovely new toy but the only one I’ve had problems with is King Kong. A RW wouln’t play on any of my machines upon trying with both 4200 and 4700 sizes, as well as Complete Disc and/or Main Movie. A DVD-R worked (sort of) on Complete Disc - but the player stopped itself when trying to look at the Menu. When I pressed Play again it played the whole movie but the picture kept pulsing with digital picture artifacts.
Is this a troublesome movie for anyone else?


Yes, it has caused issues…more in complete disc mode, but problems nevertheless. First off this movie is huge, running time of 188 minutes, so compression to a SL disc (probably close to 50%) is a big problem and couple this with newer copy protection and related disc structure issues (navigation, problems, etc.). There are several threads that speak to this…this thread may give you some help with specifics, although this may be the one you already looked at. I think Kong is mentioned later in the thread.

Hope this helps.

Has there been any success by users in Movie Only mode? I had none whatsoever. I don’t mind getting a few DL blanks in for filims longer that 130 mins if that will help, but my only DL experience so far has resulted in issues with freezing around the layer breaks. I wonder what the guys in the upgrade section are working on improving…

That was my suggestion, use a good quality double layer disc. (verbatim)

It has been my experience that most problems in burning are caused by poor quality media.

Well, I must admit the one DL I tried was not verbatim but I would like to finally summarize and then hopefully I can leave you in peace.

Are we confident that a Verbatim DL disc (they are expensive) would copy just the movie only of King Kong (with the new update that I have just downloaded) with no trouble on the layer break? I am using only DVD Fab Express and whatever writer drive Dell put in. My computer is a Dimension 5150.

Which edition do you have as there are several? Check the following site, you may have to register but has good info as what the disc contains and type disc the original is on.

If you have Gold you can split it on 2 disc. I have had success burning DLs to image file ISO, then burn the ISO to a DL even on some less reliable media using Gold for both steps. I notice some King Kong editions have no extras on them especially later editions


Thank you for your response, but I don’t think it answers the previous.

Confident yes, positive no. There are too many variables to make a prediction as to what any one combination of computer, hardware, software, will do or not do. Assuming your computer and burner are working properly and capable of consistently doing a good job, we could say that your chances of making a excellent copy of King Kong would be good.

With a DL disc you should be able to copy the entire movie disc with no loss of quality. (you said movie only as if you didn’t realize that the entire disc would fit) Or if you want to just copy the movie, it will do that also with room to spare. In any case, use a good quality media. (Verbatim)

I use Nero Recode and Anydvd, and have good results and great quality. However, I am NOT saying your software will not work equally well for you.

I found that by slowing the write speed down to 4x it prevented freezes on all my dL discs that I burn regardless of name brand. King kong was an easy one. I use dvdfab gold.

I actually made two copies, one on a DL and a movie only on a Sony SL made in Taiwan 16x. I used DVDFabDecrypter, DVDShrink and Nero to write, I had no problems. Compression wasn’t as high as I would have liked, but movie plays great on all my players. I don’t even play my DL disc.