Kindle coming to Target retail stores



I just posted the article Kindle coming to Target retail stores.

Amazon’s Kindle will get its first stint at brick-and-mortar stores, when the e-reader arrives at select Target locations.

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Nice. I have a Kindle 2 from Amazon. Hopefully this will enable more people to try and buy the Kindle. I really don’t consider the Kindle and the Ipad to be rivals, since the Kindle is a one trick pony (at it performs the one trick exceedingly well), while the Ipad is more a jack-of-all-trades (and a master of none?). However, for those looking for an ebook ready, Kindle more than fills the bill. This can only help its populartity.


Sounds like a great partnership, plus, Target & Amazon have a relationship from when all Target online stuff was on Amazon, so this doesn’t surprise me.