Kinda First Time CloneDVD Problem

As I said this is kind of very first time I have problem with CloneDVD myself. I installed CloneDVD for my cousin. I also bought one of Optorite D02001 and installed as well. At first couple times she can read and write with Clone no problem (it is a home DVD recorded from G.O. dvd/vcr recorder).

Yesterday I went to config some of Norton Internet Securities (Parental Control) for her and then " BAM " CloneDVd no longer work. A couple time that it show read error at 98%. About writting it just sit there forever no percentage wirte at all with Optorite (I have to hard shut-down to eject the disc). Then I set back Parental Cortrol to Disable, now CloneDVD can rip the disc no problem but still refuse to write. This is a thing NERO in this case work just fine and show no sign of problem whatsoever. And If I use my Lite-On then Clone will burn just fine but take really long time like 30 mins for 4x speed.

Another thing, everytime I insert a blank disc, window XP pop-up screen come on and ask what-to-do with blank media which it shouldn’t happen that way. I always disable burning engine and also disable “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service” on all computers I have hands on. I also install Force ASPI layer. None of any computers (about 3 never asks me that question). And also everytime I insert blank disc, I see Parental Cortrol from Norton Loading like when you want to go online which confused the heck out of me.

Sorry for the long post anyway here is my cousin PC specs.

Dell system: CPU 2.8A precott 1 mb L2 cache but 533 FSB
Memory: 256 Dual Channel
CloneDVD: V
Burner: Optorite D02001
HDD: Plenty HDD spec left.

Please help FAST since I have to part with my beloved Lite-On and she really needs this system running to finish backing up her home-movies (about 100 tapes)