Kind of scary how easily CDRs can be damaged

This is kind of a strange story but anyway.

I was playing a ps2 backup yesterday and while the disc was inserted into my ps2 my gf jarred the ps2 hard and the front fell hard but not far (maybe 8cm’s). Anyway, after that point the game had playback issues and then I noticed a circular line for about 2cm’s which seemed deep and wide was there and it had to be from when it was inserted into the ps2.

I’m just curious what part of the ps2 could have done this, somehow the try itself or another part of the cd-rom drive?

And I did verify that there are a slew of unreadable sectors on this disc now all in the spot where the circular scratch was made.

Has anyone else seen a similar situation?

when the ps2 was moved, it must’ve thrown the disc off balance, causing it to scratch itself against the laser or something. the disc wasn’t exactly damaged easily; it spins at a fairly high rate of speed, so anything sharp that touches the disc will scratch it many times before the disc balances itself again.

I guess I would have to agree now since I didn’t take into account the disc was probably spinning very fast. It was definitely thrown off balance and it definitely hit something near the laser assembly. My guess is that it is probably one of the laser components (not the laser itself) but in any event who cares I guess.

Fortunately since this is a backup I can use the original or make an additional backup of course :).