Kind Of An Odd Question



I have the LVW-1107HC (yeah, I know, bad choice), at any rate I was wondering if this could be opened up (long past warranty period), and slaved to a PC system and have something like LTNRPC.EXE run on it???

It’s not the RegionFree issue that bothers me (that’s still keypad hacked), but the MV that’s a %^$@!! I have a lot of old VHS tapes that I’d like to keep from deteriorating any further (not to mention the legality of the Fair Use Act that the entertainment companies like to try and forget!).

Thanks for any assistance! (Oh, in case anyone replying doesn’t already know, the ILOHACK does NOT remove the MV from the LVW series)


The ILOHACK does work on LVW models, just not all of them. It was designed to work on the ILO (Liteon clone) and was found to work on early Liteon LSI chip-based models.

It works on the LVW 50xx models only (2004/05 production). It’s when Liteon went to other chips (Mediatek) that the ILOHACK will not work.

Liteon was also able to rewrite the MV address on later productions of the 5005 and on future firmware (101 and up for the 5005, 201 and up for the 5045), users needed to revert back to 0098 for 5005, and 197 for the 5045.

Cross-flashing will not work because of the different chip.

It’s a bummer, my only suggestion is to get a hold of one of the hackable models, fortunately the crappy burners they came with can easily be replaced.


Thanks for the reply CC!

If the burners in the 50xx models can be replaced, can’t the ones in the LVW series?

What about my thought on hooking the drive itself up to a PC?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


ok, so I opened the drive today and answered my own question about physically replacing the drive - you can’t. Period. The drive does NOT have a standard IDE connection.

However, the chipset is the MediaTek MT1888E - and I have seen SOME references to that chipset being hacked/hackable with respect to PC DVD drives. So my question becomes, if it cam be done for PC drives, why not this one? (No, I don’t know much about programming, I’m just trying to think along logical lines here, so please forgive me if I’m missing something critical or “obvious”.



Oh, and I didn’t see any label on the drive itself for specific drive model info (thought that a little odd in and of itself).


Sorry for delaying my response, was out of town, all of the older LVW models were IDE-based, I
personnally have no idea how you can go around this, like most larger companies, they’ve put their own types of connectors, kinda forcing the consumer to buy a new model when it craps out.

As for the Mediatek chip, no knowledge neither, sorry man.


I had to rush my earlier response, the Mediatek chip is on the motherboard, not related to the drive. The hack works on the LSI chip, nothing to do with the drive. If anyone would have figured out how to hack the Mediatek chip, we would know by now, sorry for being the bearer of bad news.

Like I mentioned before, if you can get a hold of an older model, even with a crappy drive, get a good deal and replace the drive, the recorder would actually be better than brand new with a compatible PC drive in it compared to the originals they’ve been putting in them. Any of those older Liteons (and clones), you would have to replace the drive eventually anyways.