Kim Dotcom Promises $13,600 To Anyone Who Breaks Mega Encryption

Following a barrage of criticism about the security of his recently unveiled Mega cloud storage service, Kim Dotcom is offering a $13,600 bounty to anyone who can crack the cryptography designed to prevent confidential files from being read by hackers or other unauthorized parties.

“Mega’s open source encryption remains unbroken!” the unfazed entrepreneur wrote on Twitter Friday morning. “We’ll offer 10,000 EURO to anyone who can break it. Expect a blog post today.”



Who does believe an criminal subject? :smiley:

Even if someone could break that encryption they would not bother to collect the 10,000 Euros and here is why, once its broken and a person comes forward to collect, they would immediately be on every governments hot list of hackers, and when a banks or a big companies encryption is broken they will come and confiscate every computer you own because you will be on a hot list of hackers , so if someone did break it, Kim Dot Com knows they will never come forward to collect.:slight_smile:

…so “10,000 EURO” is already a joke itself.