Kim Dotcom: Mega Will Turn Encryption into a Mass Product

Next month Kim Dotcom will release a new and improved version of the now defunct Megaupload. Today, he unveiled the new look of the site by sharing several teaser screenshots, including one of the encryption interface. Mega, as the new service is called, will turn encryption into a mass product and Dotcom believes that with Mega’s help half of all Internet traffic will be encrypted in 5 years.



This dude is megalomaniac!!!

I like this approach. It is a fairly simple fix to all the spying that is being done in the name of corporate profits and so-called national security. Watch governments try to stem this growing tide of Internet privacy. The RIAA/MPAA etc. are seeing this occur as a direct result of their attempt to intimidate the masses. They still haven’t figured out yet that it is the MASSES that determine what is legal or illegal by THIER actions and not the RIAA when it decides to sue, and drag through the court system, people who have not had the benefit of due process. The more the RIAA/MPAA etc. tries to control people the more they will slip through their fingers.