Kill Me Now! Or just help! Sony DW-D26a



Long story short…I bought a Sony DW-D26a DVD drive and am using it as an external in a hako housing. The first movie dup’ed (with 1 click dvd copy) with no problem (used fujifilm dvd-rw media…only had one). When I tried subsequent dups with dvd-r TDK and generic dvd-r, I got an error message each time I tried it…I figure this is a media compatibility issue. I have subsequently realized Sony doesn’t support this drive. I researched and found that is is a Liteon SOHW 1673S(?) and that I should upgrade the firmware. I ran the nero software to find the firmware version but Nero never “sees” the new drive…just my internal dvd drive and some funky partitioned drive my brother-in-law set up?? So I was just going to take the advice of afew threads on I downloaded the firmware (1673) from and when i tried to run it, it says “No Liteon drive detected”. What in the cha cha should i do!!

Desperately seeking redemption and money; the chicks will follow!!


What in the cha cha should i do!! -

you should post you trouble in the lite- on forum.
get latest firmware from codeguys, + omnipatcher. patch firmware. update …


alternative is to use the latest firmware that i use with my Sony DW-D26a…patched and ready to go


I cannot remember what restrictions liteons have (havent ran stock firmware on my liteon in who knows how long), but many drives have restriction about what firmwares you can flash, like some may not flash from a newer firmware to an older firmware. The sony may only let you flash sony firmware (even though it is a liteon drive). These restrictions are very easy to get past. Check the liteon forum and take G)-(osters advice and omnipatch your firmware.