Kill Bill Vol1 subtitles problem - HELP

Softwares: DVDShrink 3.2 & AnyDVD5.6.3.1
Kill Bill Vol 1.

At the end of act 1-4 (after she kills black woman & walking out to truck) a man speaks in Japanese and the subtitles are missing. I have no idea what he is saying. In the original DVD there are subtitles on by default while somebody speaks foreign.

I went back to DVDShrink and made another copy but this time I left ALL the subpicture boxes checked. The only thing I removed was ACS 5.1 French (DTS 5.1 English was unchecked by default). It still doesn’t work. Now the only way I can see the subtitles (when somebody is speaking foreign) is to go into the subtitles menu and and turn them on. (In the DVD menu, go to setup/subtitles and select “English”. [not “English for hearing impaired”.] If I select the first one, everything works perfectly. (no subtitles unless somebody is speaking foreign)

My question is how do I get a copy of Kill Bill with working subtitles when somebody is speaking foreign without turning it on in menu. The original disc work fine.

According your image, should be the number 8

Usually these “forced” subtitles have the littlest dimension

i left them ALL checked it still doesnt work.

Check if your standalone player is set to don’t show any subtitle.

I am assuming that is not the case because the original DVD works properly. It’s only the backup that is not showing them. I have to get home gefore I can check for sure but I would think that the original would not work either if that were the case.

Maybe is a bug of dvd shrink. Sometimes I also gen not working subtitles.

Try to do a backup with only main movie. In reauthor mode you can force a subtitle, and this method is working for me.

In reauthor mode right click on title on left panel of shrink and select “Set default streams”. This is working for me

somehow the structure of the DVD gets screwed up when you remove or re-author this particular DVD. Normally I would just shrink it with everything intact but with all the extras and stuff on this DVD it’s about 50% compression.


1.] Use DVD Decrypter or similar to rip the DVD to HD

2.] Use vobblanker to blank all extras. (blank all the vob files I have highlighted, along with their sub entries to get just the main movie on backup.)

3.] Open with DVDShrink.
CHECK the DTS 5.1 English (I didnt try it without the DTS 5.1 English so it may work without it giving you no compression but you’ll have to try it im done messing with it now that I got it working.)
UNCHECK the ACS 5.1 French. This will give you a working DVD with menu at about 88% compression with all extras blanked out.

I have a very simpler solution. If you want to get rid of all but the main movie, you can do this with DVD shrink in reauthor mode, selecting the right options in “Set default streams”.