Kid hacks school comp on teacher's dare

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Source: The Register.

Kid hacks school, and goes to the local police station…

Fifteen-year-old Washington State high school student Aaron Lutes defeated filtering/security software on a…

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Hackers Rule!!! :slight_smile:

Like they say in the movie : HACK THE PLANET !!!


at my old school i has supervisor access 2/3 of the time! mind you the technician was so dilly that he didn’t realise. anyway the whole system would never would have worked without me and my mates, it had too many problems!

Skools are crap at network security we had (b4 we left for college), the admin and everyone elses passwords

same @ out skool
shitty NT severs…
2/3 times the internet screenin program lets me threw to ‘sites’ and i always get Admin aacces…
gay arse skool…
ill take out the servers on next yr…
see what they do now!!!


@1 how hard can it be o hack an RM-NIMBUS!!!

At my school the only security was the teacher locking-up the 5 1/4" floppys!!!


Hehe Cool!

I’m still at school and I’ve got the admin password

this kid 0wnz his teachers ass for this big time … heh i’d be seriously pissed


Our admin is an asshole, we run Windows NT, but I really don’t know how to hack that server from here… it is a really bad network… …i’d like to fuck it up even more. Who’d like to help?

Nice work u 15 year old boy… …teachers suck by the way…

Grtz JP.

Those damn computers at my school have such a lame protection, that my grandma could hack it. Instead of username ‘student05’ I used ‘cursus05’. Saw a teacher do it once. Big mistake of him, he let me see it. Of course I had to try it on another system, and voila! Acces to everything. I could even delete on a network drive(which I did) I deleted some important windows files on a couple of computers and some shit on the server. Next day I saw that annoying IT guy walking around again My reign of destruction upon education did start that very day…

I really hate the things they do with them nice PCs. they run old DOS software on PII-350s. Very sad.

School SUXX, CDfreaks ROXX

Stupid kids, it would take you a lifetime to realizes the schools are there for you.
Help admins that do not have enough time and money to keep the mostly old computers running. It’s stupid to hack a school network, every scriptkiddy can do that.
Take on a challenge and help those admins on schools.

Cracking school systems is very easy just get the teacher or admin password by peaking and get acess to the exam papers no problem just you should not fuck up the system let the lamerz do it

Well I used ta think all schools had bad network security. Then I got hired by the one I graduated from. Well its nice to know i can piss off alot of hacker wana bes by knownin the tricks of the trade. And what ever happend to just lookin around. You punks are trashing the good hacker name.

Thats really stupid hacking into school or college computers… n e computer wizz kid can do that… how would you feal if someone had deleted all your years work of the computer… plus most schools don’t give you an option to back your work up as they either lock there FD’s or they don’t have any