Khypermedia DVD burner question

Hi, i was thiking of buying the Khypermedia DVD Burner / 8x4x8x DVD+RW / 24x10x40x CD-RW for burning backups of my xbox games and backups of dvds, will this drive do or should i look to spend a little more extra on another drive?

As cheap as the newer 16X with 4X DL are getting i would go with a NEC-3500 or a BenQ 1620 but that’s my 2 cents

This burner may not be dual-layer compatible or particularly speedy but it does burn with A1 quality, is dirt cheap and is dual-format upgradeable (free if yours is the CyberDrive, $10 if it’s the BenQ - it could be either one as Khypermedia did use both under the same model number). I’m very happy with mine and it will buy me some time until the really fast dual-layer burners are out there in a year or two (and the dual layer media is actually affordable).

I have two of each Cyberdrive 082DX and Benq800a’s and both burn + media great and are fairly close to the speed of all these so called 16X burners. For the price, I don’t really think you would be making a bad decision. My 8X burns with the Cyberive is just a few seconds under 8 minutes. A 16X burn will be between 6-7 minutes, no where near twice as fast. Both drives let you bitset automatically which is required for my Xbox (Samsung drive) but I have no problems with + media burned this way.