KHyperMedia Drives?

I was going to purchase one of these babies since my last NEC ND-1100 died on me!! They’re pretty cheap and wanted to know what you guys thought of it?


It’s either a BenQ DW800a (if made in Malaysia) or a CyberDrive DX082D (if made in China). Both are good drives. I like the BenQ a little better, but if the price is right it won’t much matter. Both can be upgraded to dual compatibility (- as well as + media). I’m very happy with mine, although it doesn’t work well with cheap media. I buy Ritek RiData and hum along nicely.

thanks for the fast response… I was hoping that they would make firm updates for these babies!!


Both the Cyberdrive and the BenQ 8X +R drives can be upgraded to Dual Format ± burners.
Careful with the Cyberdrive though, a friend of mine has one and it doesn’t do too well for him.

I have one of the CyberDrives but I haven’t installed it yet (my installed drive is a BenQ). I plan to give it a good test. Only paid $45 Canadian for it so it’s a good risk to take.

well ordered the khypermedia will report back!!


I installed my KHypermedia / Cyberdrive last week and it is working very well. I also have the KHypermedia / BenQ in my other machine.

The Cyberdrive burns better at 8x. Although I have DMA properly enabled on both machines, the BenQ buffer keeps dropping to very low levels (even though Nero’s buffer is always full). This doesn’t happen with the BenQ when I burn at 4x. The Cyberdrive, on the other hand, even though it’s on a much slower computer, has a 93-96% full buffer constantly, even at 8x.

I have a bunch of Optodisc DVD+RW discs that the BenQ doesn’t like very much, but the Cyberdrive burns them fairly well.

I flashed the Cyberdrive with the dual firmware before I used it. I had put the dual firmware on the BenQ a few weeks ago.

Overall I think I like the Cyberdrive better, although it doesn’t allow proper PI/PO error disc scanning like the BenQ does.

to my suprise i recived the Benq DW1610A. Looks nice and i have it installed. Havent burned anything pass 4X but do want to try the 16x burn. A movie in less than 6 mins is insane!!

Well i guess ill see you boyz in the BenQ side :wink:


Grab the .cvt file and flash that bad boy all the way to a BenQ DW1620A Pro. Good purchase for the price. :wink:

1610 won’t flash to 1620 sorry to say. But you might find this interesting >

I purchased a Kypermedia burner online a few months ago, but windows seems to have ID’d it as a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-8125? I am confused seeing as someone said earlier that it would be either a Benq or a Cyberdrive. I do get quite a few coasters now and again - not too pleased with this burner… :frowning:

Is it possible that I don’t have the right driver installed? (No driver disk came with it - I just assumed that XP ID’d it correctly).