Khypermedia CD-Rs?

I have burnt approx. 100 Khypermedia 52X Cd’s (from Office Max). Haven’t seem to have had any problems with any of them. Was wondering what others have found, and if they like them or not.

I had some awhile back, but don’t have any readily available now.
Please post the ATIP info.
You can use Kprobe or CD-DVDSpeed to get media info.

Found an old KHypermedia CD-R and queried it with SmartBurn:

        Drive Type = DVD DUAL 
         Disc Type = CDR
          Material = Phthalocyanine
           Lead In = 97:26:66
          Lead Out = 79:59:74
  Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = CMC Magnetics Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 48X (Write)

HEY guys, i have a thermal printer here [powerpro II] and have had some good lukc with certain cdr’s and bad luck with others. The Kyphermedia CDR’s print real great. I 'd like to know who makes, them OR if anyone else out there has a similar thermal printer and has had luck with other media [other than Taiyo Yuden i already know they work, just trying to go cheaper…] Thanks guys!


Not sure but i belive the Kyphermedia are made by prodisc, but a friend who is sitting hear say’s they are cmc’s so for what it is worth i do really think they are prodisc,using one of the dvd id tools just look and see what the disk is, tool can be found in the stickee,the tool you pick depends on your drive (ie lite-on,need k-probe,)so you can search this forum for your drive or there are list of compatabilaty for drives and disc,so look for your drive and download what you need then you will be able to tell any type of disc.

I have a couple hundred from last summer, all CMC. I have had very good results with Ritek but others have not. Keep an eye on Radio Shack they often have rebates; you could try them for next to nothing.

KHypermedia = CMC.

I believe this thread belongs in the Media forums.


I last bought some a year ago. They were CMC. They burned OK, but not as well as my TY fuji disks. For example, on a full CD, a kprobe scan of the CMC disks would give about 2000 C1 errors, while a scan of the TY fuji disks would give about 400 C1 errors. So the CMCs I had were not too terrible, just not great.