KHYPERMEDIA 100-Pack CD-R Spindle $11.99



The offer is from Office Max, only until Feb.26, this Saturday. $4 of the rebate is mail-in, and I’ve read several bad things about mail-in rebate with Khypermedia, but without that is $0.16 per CD-R.

Normally I would do my own research but since time is short on this offer, I gave up and decided to ask here. I couldn’t find many reviews on KHypermedia products. How bad are they? Should I just give this up and get Taiyo-Yuden (the cheapest I found was $0.32), but of course, the quality would be higher. Still, 1/2 of the Khypermedia would have to be bad for the price of one disk to equal that of Taiyo Yuden. (Or is completely bad disc not the question, but just overall more bumps in a normal burn?) I estimate I’ll need 30 CD-Rs for the project I’m planning. I’m thinking of burning a series of DivX’s that are taking up space on my hard drive.

However (this should probably be another thread, but as long as you’re reading anyway), I just (or rather my parents did) got a new computer today. We’re thinking of buying a DVDRW for it. Should I just completely forget about this 30 CD-R thing and buy a drive and burn DVDs? Would this be more cost-effective? (I’ll need something to convert the DivX’s, the blanks, and of course the drive itself.)

Thanks for any advice.

P.S. While we’re near the topic, can you recommend a good DVDRW?


Why can’t I find the link to edit the first post? I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have put my questions on here. If someone could could move it to where someone might answer in time…

Maybe I should wait for completely FAR Cd-rs if I don’t get this one (if I don’t get Taiyo-Yuden first). But don’t know how long that might take.


Get a DVD burner and fit your 30 CD-Rs’ worth of data on six discs.


Some of us still have uses for CD-R’s. :bigsmile: I back up my music collection to take to work because I’m not going to beat and bang around my original discs there. Honestly though, I prefer using Ridata 48x or Fuji 52x CD-R’s with the clear bottoms (not the blueish/purplish like HP 52x CD-R’s (CMC Magnetic’s) have) and they seem to work great but then since I’m dealing with music I only burn at like 16x tops to be on the safe side too. :slight_smile:


My gripe about Khypermedia is thier Khrappy rebate policy. If you dont want to wait or screw around getting your rebate money back I’d avoid buying anything this company. (ditto for any rebate from Mad Dog or Officemax)

I bought a 100 pack of thier generic CD-R’s last year at Officemax, filled out the rebate with all the correct info, UPC, scan of Reciept. Then a couple weeks later I got a card saying I didnt send them the correct info. :a I sent the info again (PS: always make copies) and then I got my check.

All the Khypermedia CD-R’s I have bought are made by CMC, which means cheap low grade quality. They are OK for backing up music CD’s for the car/portable or data youre not going to keep for a long time. Buying 100 CD-Rs for under 10 bucks is a good deal, IF you get your rebate back.

I just woudnt burn any CMC Magnetics CD-R at the 52x reccomended speed, try 32x for data, 24x or lower for music.

I would get a NEC ND-3500 DVD burner - I love mine!


dvds are alot cheaper for the amount they hold and will also save alot of space

NEC 3520


I’m currently transferring older archive CDs to DVD. The CDs are about 4 years old. Many of the CMC-made discs (Khypermedia is usually CMC) I’m having trouble reading - reading slows way down. Sure enough, when I test any of these troublesome discs using Kprobe, many C2 errors (bad!) are shown. My better quality discs (also 4 years old), like TY made Fuji discs, read back just fine and when tested with Kprobe show no C2 errors.

So, to answer your question, I would go with the TY for a little more money. At least you won’t have CDs that are on the verge of being unreadable after only a few years.