Keying Title Image and Color Keying Title Image

I’ve been using MPEG-VCR and found it basically great, but the Help is appalling. I’ve found out more from scouring the internet than from the program’s own Help.

Anyway, what’s the full technical rundown on the “Keying Title Image” and “Color Keying Title Image” transitions?

I found a message board post that explained that you could insert a title overlay using white-on-black text and the “Color Keying Title Image” transition. Is that all it does?

What’s the difference between a “Color Keying Title Image” and a “Keying Title Image” transition? I tried out my white-on-black text image using the latter and it seemed basically the same but it greyed out the background slightly. Is that all there is to it?

I can’t believe how little info there is on this, and the way Womble seem to assume you’d know how to use these transitions