Keygen for WinRar 2.60



does anyone have the keygen for WinRar 2.60?


WinRAR v2.x Keymaker


Check your e-mail.
Next time, try


Some extra info.

- (*) WinRAR

 v2.60, the authenticity verification feature doesn't seem to work 100% on
any cracked version.
Aparently there is a FAKE Dsi version of this that cotains a new trojan.


Interesting, Black Diamond.
I scanned the crack I found with Norton and Mcafee, neither caught a trojan.
I’ll submit the dsi crack file I found to them to see.


To all, AVERT at McAfee is working on the file to check for a trojan. Will post answer.


Still somebody need a crack for WinRAR 2.60 full?
Mail me!


McAfee wrote back that both dsi crack files I found on the net were NOT any sort of trojan or virus at all.
So, whomever wants a crack, go
and you’ll find several that all work.


Irrespective, ‘the authenticity verification feature doesn’t seem to work 100% on
any cracked version’