Keychain plants?

This is pretty odd, but cool at the same time.
I think I want one… lol
All it needs is a USB drive attached to it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone else?


USB can power the plant?

huh :confused:

No, I was just commenting that it would be cool to have a combined USB flash drive attached to your keychain plant. :cool:

it would soon be dead if i had one …im always losing keys:p
pretty cool looking thou :wink:

i’m the Charles Manson of the plant world so i guess i’ll pass on them…do they come in FAKE plants???

You can purchase the fake ones through me.
Only $10 extra :stuck_out_tongue:

hee hee I’ll just keep the ‘virtual’ roses…they haven’t died yet…

Did I look that serious? :bigsmile:

i’d shake those mofos up so much pretty soon it would all look like a pile of dirt

keychain dirt packs! Good for those techie folks who rarely see nature. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats cool! But is it enough air in there?

it’s probably all just bullshit… if the company can sell at least 100,000 to one mill of those things they really don’t care what happens to them coz all it’s really about is money in their pocket…screw the customer.

I wonder what other kind of plants can grow in there:bigsmile::wink:

I like them, give me 2. :iagree:

Cool. Yey A USB card on that would be perfect.