Keyboard problem

whenever i use my left CTRL button in internet explorer [6.0.2800.1106IS], and i have pages in front of me [ex: i visit a Site A, then visit Site B, but hit Back to go back to Site A], IE goes forward to Site B. it’s a huge pain because if i want to go back and copy something then i can’t use the handy left CTRL+C, i have to either use the right one + C or use the mouse. any ideas how i can fix this? or should i just buy a new keyboard…

I would simply un-install keyboard thru device manager and reboot to let windows re-install it and see if that helps.

you’re the man. i’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

nope that didn’t help. any other ideas?

this doesn’t really sound like a keyboard problem, but rather some type of key assignment problem, maybe due to some type of semi-malicious program. to test if this is the case, u can try using another keyboard and see if the same thing happens.

Does your CTRL behave badly in any other program except IE? It looks like a key assignment issue (Maybe a browser addon?). Try pressing the Left CTRL key in notepad and dos mode. If it’s returning any characters then maybe a keyboard issue, otherwise its a keyassignment problem.

Btw under normal circumstances, pressing CTRL alone shouldn’t trigger any response from PC.

Good Luck.

sorry i don’t have an extra keyboard to try it out with.

and the problem is only in IE. i can copy and paste and generally use it in any other program fine. any ideas on how i can change the key assignment? i’ve tried reverting back to IE 5.0 and upgrading again but i can’t remember how to revert lol.