Keyboard keeps doubling "" ^^~~''

My Keyboard has started acting funny.If i want to type a " i have to press it twice before it responds and then it gives me 2 so i have to delete 1,
EVERY TIME! Its only these symbols as far as i can tell " ^ ~ ’ .
Any ideas anyone,i’ve tried google and a few other places as i don’t like to just post something blindly without first trying to solve it my self
(teacher’s pet!).How many threads do you reckon could probably be solved if only people spent a minute browsing for an answer.You never know,you might learn something!
I appreciate any positive advice and guidance,i think this ones for someone who’s been where i am.

To exclude a damaged keyboard, can you try to connect your current keyboard to a different computer? If it has the same strange behavior on a different machine, then you need a new keyboard

did you spill something on the keyboard?

this was my first thought at well but for it to only affect those 3 keys that are so spread out on the keyboard would be strange (thought not impossible)

how about the non-shift counterparts of those keys (` 6 and ')? do those present problems as well?