Keyboard issues

Silly question time…the other day when I rebooted my pc my logon screen came up and I was unable to type, also my mouse cursor did not show up. If I remove the keyboard and reboot the mouse will work fine but I can’t logon without the keyboard. I tried bootin in safe mode and the same thing happens. Strange thing is if I boot to DOS I can use my keyboard to type no problem…I tried to boot to last known good config but nothing.
They keyboard is a ps/2 if this matters.

Maybe you have some old drivers of some other keyboard installed. I remember I installed some weird drivers for my mouse and it didn’t work.

Thanks for the idea, but I haven’t installed any new drivers at all…any other idea? Thanks

Some keyboards have a lockout feature, I believe it is if you hold the shift key down for 8sec Windows will lock it out. Other keyboards actually have a key with a lock on it, and can lock ut this way. Try holding the shift key down for 8 or 10 seconds while in wondows.

Do you hear the warning sound when plugging in the keyboard when the Windows is running?

No, everything looks like it starts up ok…no beeps or anything :frowning:
As well, I purchased a new keyboard because I thought it was broken, but it does not work either. Also I can hook up either old or new keyboard to another pc and it works fine! Strange eh?

Did you try pluggin in the old keyboard and holding the shift key for 8sec yet at the windows screen?

Had you or someone else recently played with any BIOS settngs, did you try to load defaults.

Can the keyboard even get you into BIOS?

I did reload default settings for bios…and the keyboard does work in bios and to do things like scandisk and stuff…weird?

You mean that both, old and new, keyboards work with another computer? Maybe the PS2 port is broken. But then again, if you can write in DOS, it’s damn weird.

Yeah man…tell me about it… :frowning: maybe it was a program I installed…but how do I uninstall without entering windos? :frowning:
Oh well…

Would a USB Keyboard work?

Maybe booting to safe mode will let you in?