Keyboard help

so yesterday i reformated my hdd with xp pro and now my key board is all fucked up :frowning: now to do this: @ i have to push shift+2=@ and before i was pushing ctrl+alt+2 and for this: ~ i was doing this ctrl+alt+: but now i have to push shift+(the one on the left of the 1) … so anyone know what was my keyboard setting before reformating my hdd …???

I think the way your keyboard now seems to me the right way-shift plus 2 =@…why would you alt+ctrl+2 to get that…am I missing something here?

Check your country settings.

It would have been helpful if you had provided more information about what country you come from, since not all keyboard layouts are the same.

You have to remember there are two settings for your keyboard, one for the language and one for the keyboard layout.

What settings you use for the language doesn’t really matter, but does for the keyboard layout. I think you have it set to ‘International US 101’ now and you don’t have a so-called QWERTY layout.

So far I have seen a Dutch, Belgian and German layout…and if that is not what you’re used to they suck. Same applies to US International 101, if that is not what you’re used to and your keyboard is set to that layout when it actually isn’t, this sucks too.

Thanks tax !! i think that you got it right ! :slight_smile: i have mesed arround with that and it worked :eek: :smiley: thanks man :bow: