Keyboard error

Hi all,
Can anyone give me a bit of advice please.
the guy next door has asked me to help him with a problem. He has a p3 550mhz running on a gigabyte bx2000 motherboard. Some weeks ago it refused to boot up stopping at an error “Keyboard error or no keyboard present”. I swapped the keyboard for one I knew was working and the pc booted up. I concluded the original keyboard was dead and advised him to replace it. All seemed ok for a while.

The PC is now doing the same again. When the box fires up it gives an error “Keyboard error or no keyboard present”. Seems strange that 2 keyboards die within a few weeks.

What else could it be?

I’ve seen this happen twice with my father’s office system. He gets a lot of static problems in his office, and quite often had a shock when he touched his mouse…Long story short, it had fried out the connections in the motherboard for his mouse and keyboard. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. HOPEFULLY its not that, but that’s the only time I’ve ever heard of it happening…Hopefully someone else can give a more optimistic answer.
Good luck!

dodgy PS/2 ports possibly, if he’s got USB ports then tell him to get either a USB keyboard and mouse or PS2 to USB adapters,

ask him if he’s been hoovering the keyboard, that can damage it.