Keyboard Encryption?

Hello friends!

I want a software that can encrypt the keys typed from the keyboard on the fly. What I actually want is when I enter my passwords or any vital information from my keyboard, its very easy for any keyboard logger to collect all that’s typed in and then send the same to someone. If it is possible that anything we type gets encrypted, I think it will serve the purpose. I saw such kind of a feature in a software called BestCrypt but that can only be used in that particular software.

Is there any such software?

Thank you.

Not if the keylogger intercepts the data before the encryption software…

Most Logitech wireless keyboard can encrypt the wireless transfer, but when it arrives at the pc it’s decrypted. As it should be, because how on earth is the operating system gonna know what your typing.

Same applies for any piece of software that tries and encrypts your keystrokes. At some moment in the process the operating system has to know the decrypted values. As oleteddy already mentioned, if there is a keylogger that can grab the decrypted value you have no security at all.

Read the comments on this product for instance.