Keyboard and Mouse not recognized



I am trying to install my Logitech 350 keyboard /mouse I had in the garage, worked on all my computers, now I tried to install it, and none of my computers will recognize the unifier. Funny thing is I have one of my computers hooked to the same printer and it works, the one I am trying to install does not work with the unifier from the other printer either. Any ideas appreciated. T.I.A.


I’m confused. What does the keyboard/mouse have to do with a printer?


There must be sumthin’ in the air today


OOPS, Sorry, meant keyboard/mouse, not printer.


[QUOTE=durkinjt;2764698]OOPS, Sorry, meant keyboard/mouse, not printer.[/QUOTE] Fixed the title for you durkinjt:)


[QUOTE=durkinjt;2764698]OOPS, Sorry, meant keyboard/mouse, not printer.[/QUOTE]
Did you reinstall the Logitech keyboard/mouse software/driver matching the right O/S? That’s where one should first look.


Wireless devices not being recognized is a sign of dead power source.
I would first check the batteries to see if they need replacing, especially if the problem exist on multiple computers.
The Logitech K350 is wireless.


The unifying receiver setup is nice. I have a K400 I bought mainly to use with my Android media box and I also have a OLD Logitech Blue Tooth MX5000 keyboard mouse combo. The Bluetooth one has always had issues since day one but has a ton of features so I continue to use it anyway.
The K400 just plugs in and works, no dropped keyboard or mouse connections.
I agree, either the batteries are dead or the drivers never got installed properly though I bet there is some kind of generic one that work with windows till you get the proper drivers installed.
I WISH I could get all the features of my old keyboard here with the much more reliable unifying USB plug setup but as far as I can tell none of their newer combos have all the features this one did and both styles have been discontinued for a while now.
My MX 5000 does work with my Android box out from too seeing how it supports Blue Tooth but I need it in here till I find something better.
I have actually plugged the K400 in here too as when this keyboard decides to drop connection the other one works so I can fix the problem, which usually involves windows reinstalling the drivers again.


Thanks Coolman,Right!!, Never look for the simplest solution, working fine.


Do Coolman’s solution, first thing everyone checks are the batteries and overlook reinstalling the drivers, me included.