Does anybody have any thoughts on the new copy protection key2adioxs+ from sony? Apparently claiming its clone proof? Are there any cd’s in the market with this at the minute?

Sony is again dreaming…

Key2Adios? LOL :bigsmile:



…copypasted from sONy´s key2audio site:

Enhance the value of your Originals!

key2audioXS Plus, Sony DADCs latest and innovative copy control solution is ready! Now with user-friendly PC-playback in superior sound quality and a clone-proof Multimedia session for CD-Extra and Web Links. Add value while protecting the sound integrity of your originals.

How does key2audioXS Plus work ?

key2audioXS Plus is an intelligent system solution with a new sophisticated audio part copy control solution and a clone-proof multimedia part which allows owners of original CDs to enjoy added value in the form of bonus material.

When the disc is inserted into the drive, an authentication process verifies the disc. Only if it is an original user gets access to PC playback, CD-Extra content and/or a Web links. This Web links connect the user directly to a Web area where the value-added bonus material of the corresponding disc is available for download or streaming.
Via DRM, key2audioXS Plus prevents unauthorized usage, copying and online distribution. Any further usage is limited and restricted to the PC from which the initial access has been made. So only customers who have purchased the original disc have access to your content.

What are the innovative and compelling benefits for you and your customers ?

Basic version with PC-playback only:

Protects against unauthorized copying and ripping

Highest compatibility with CD/DVD players and PC devices for legitimate buyers

Superior sound resolution for PC-playback (128 kbps)

Convenient PC playback only with original disc

Non proprietary WM Player for PC playback

key2audioXS Plus:
Extended version:

Maximum protection due to a fully clone-proof 2nd Session

Original disc allows download of Bonus content via automated Web links and access to CD-Extra content on disc

Powerful marketing platform via Web Links

Flexibility to apply secure CD-Extra content

Convergence of various media (PC/Internet/Mobile devices)

What application possiblities do you have ?

Whether it’s by adding bonus tracks, ticket & CD sales, consumer profiling, merchandising or links to chat rooms, key2audioXS Plus let’s you give your fancy full scope.

Where can I get more information on this system ?

Visit us at Midem at Stand no. R30.01 or contact us directly at +43(6246)880-514 or via mail

"Clone proof???Nice it doesn´t say -Plextool proof!!!:wink:

I really can’t get rid of the feeling that Sonie’s somehow feeling like Alice in Wonderland.
Are they trying to copy CDS200 without the C2-error-feature? Would they really like to re-invent the CD-Extra? Could anybody imagine that this could be a copy protection? I’m afraid, I can’t.
On the other hand, it’s getting harder and harder to find a current k2a-disc all over Europe. Why? K2a is much more effective than the weak CDS200/Macrovision audio-protection. Has k2a.V4 to fight with compatibility issues like CDS200, too? I don’t really care whether I’ve got a CDS200 or a k2a disc in my drive. The one and only difference is, that I unsually have to rip the CDS200 discs at a reduced speed. But you can blame that on the drives I bought about five years ago when there weren’t any audio copy protections.

CDS200, of course, appears to be rather a playback-protection than an digital copy-protection. There are much more PC-drives being able to digitally extract and play a CDS200-disc than car-stereos and DVD-players. Cosumers are on the loose who buy audio discs fitted with CDS200.

As far as I can see, protected audio discs, mostly called protected audio CDs, missed the target to protect the audio from being digitally ripped. Depending on the kind of protection there are more or less PC-drives which are able to rip those discs, too. On the other hand there are more or less cosumer CD players, DVD players and car stereos which cannot play that kind of corrupt discs violating the CD Digital Audio standard.

I have just today purchased a CD protected by this POS copy protection system. The CD in question was “12 Memories” by Travis. No warnings that the CD was copy protected was on the box, or booklet.

I had no intention of listening to WMA files on a CD I had paid good money for (and the exclusive content is a joke, it was already available for download on the official site!)

I did an Exact Audio Copy of the first 11 tracks (12th was the WMA tracks), it went without a hitch. I have now in my possession an uncrippled version of the CD.

So much for all the bold claims on the website, this copy protection is an inconvieniece and a nuisance. It doesn’t stop copying so why on earth use it?

(Edit: My bad for bringing up such an old thread, just noticed the date after I had posted. Still the sentiments still stand)