ok got the shakira laundry service cd with the key2audio is it safe to put it in my drives to see if any of them can reconise it…

dvd-rom LG DRD-8120B

Sure, no problem there. The worst thing that could happen is that the drive doesn’t recognise the disk.

Ok could not wait heres my results


this is the oldest drive i have and i was about to through it out so i could install the matshita which i have not tried as there was not a free drive bay on my other computer…

let you know what happens when i switch the matshita with the LG


I’ve got two old Compaq CDROM drives which were both manufactured by LG/Goldstar: 24x CRD-8241 (Fw. 1.14) & 32x CRD-8320B (Fw. 1.09).
I’m afraid the 8421 cannot do a jitter-free digital audio extraction. The drive is able to recognize many protected audio discs but the ripped sound is in most cases poor.
The 8320B is has a better DAE quality as long as you don’t try to rip a CDS200 disc which is full of artificial errors. It can recognize and rip all key2audio-versions and DOC.loc perfectly.
In my opionion you should play the ripped waves at your computer before you burn them on a CD. This is the only safe way to make sure that the sound quality is OK.

have not tried reading yet by the posts ive read here and on other sites the hard part with key2audio is seeing the disc.
my problem is on this computer i have 2 drives in 2 drive bays(liteon 40125s and dvd-rom lg drd-8120b)which i want to keep here .
I also have another computer with 1 drive in 1 drive bay thats cd-rom lg crd-8160b the one that sees the key2audio disc .
i also have another writer mitshita which i have not tried as there are no drivebays left to try it in .
i thought i could read it with the one drive i have on the other computer then take it out and insert the spare mitshita cd-rw i have to write it but i only have a 1 gig hdd on that computer …:a :a :a :a :a :a :a :

What i understand is that this Key2Audio protection is hard to rip to mp3, but if i want to make an image with CloneCD it´s no problem.

I´ve ripped it from my NEC7500a with Clone without any problem.
The only thing i had to do was to leave the CD out when i started Clone up.
When i then choosed where it was it pulled the cd in and then passed by this protection not to notice it in the cd-player ( or burner ).

@ Xorff
Do you have any idea if it works to rip to mp3 after you burned it down or is that protection still on the “backup”.
An image is still an image of the original or is the protection gone ?

@red lion: install firmware VS08 on your LiteOn 40125S, and it will recognise the Shakira CD.

ehi! you can destroy ‘key2audio’ protection with
1- insert your audio cd in drive and press LEFT-SHIFT until your drive recognize the media.
2- start CLONY XXL and scan cd… (the protection will be found)
3- with settings of CLONY start CLONE CD 4.X.X.X and burn it.
4- after the process, you’ll have a copy without that unuseful protection. !!! :cool:
5- now you have a perfect copy of the original (without protection) …you can made a lots of copies and grab what you want.


ehhhmmm well…
sorry for my language…
it’s late… 3.0 am:confused:

1- insert your audio cd in drive and press LEFT-SHIFT until your drive recognize the media.
The point is that many drives will not recognise the media.
If it does, then there’s no need for Clony, CloneCD etc.

right. :stuck_out_tongue:
well, i love SAMSUNG drivers for long time…

  • are cheap —> [ex.: DVD-rom 16X --> only 30€ (in Europe)]
  • read everything you want
  • never broken
  • long life (my drive before this, a 32x cd-rom, is still live and perfect … ) —> [after i’ve buied a lite-on drive… well 3 months of life… bad product… for me… :rolleyes: ]
  • no problem with hardware/software.

well, why not buy a Samsung drive and solve your problem??
:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

happy choice Red Lion.

remember: the key2audio protection ( in win XP) when your drive will recognise the cd, will try to slow down your pc (because the drive re-read the TOC) … don’t unlock the drive…! Mantain the LEFT-SHIFT pressed, or deselect the autoplay.

aaaaahhhhhhh… sorry…
for the best result in ripping, use SoundForge 6.
:smiley: :smiley:

I hope 30€ / 28$ isn’t a problem…
And for remastering your audio on a cd…
optimize your audio with
MAXX Waves Audio Processors (the best choice for audio):cool: :cool: (and many studio records)

happy to help you.