Does anyone know how to burn the new celine dion cd with a mitsumi 4809 TE using clonecd


This protection is hardware dependant.

Try the following programs:


If you can get one of this programs to recognize the cd, maybe you can rip the tracks…

Good luck!


some readers recognise the tracs , some don ’ t , so it depends witch cd rom reader you use ( hardware dependent like Upp3rd0G said ) and also the operating system seems to be important :

i have the best results in windows 98 , in fact better than with windows 2000 professional ,

also try the following : leave the key2audio protected cd in the tray ( if it doesn ’ t recognise the tracs ) and restart windows ,
see what happens , after the restart of windows it could be that the tracks are now visible , and if they are recognised ypu will be able to copy them ,

i did it that way with a few cd ’ s


If you haven’t already found out go to:

You will find all the settings etc. you need.

Can’t you also use a marker to draw a ring over the second session?

I dunno, Upp3rdog is the Audio-protections guru.

I haven’t experimented with it myself but it is possible to hide the extra session(s), which cause the cd not be recognized, with some tape or preferably a non-waterproof marker. If you can read german, check the audio forum of this site: