How to beat the new version of key2audio ??
I want to copy tracks into my MP3-player whith Windows Media Player - and not the “key2audio-program”


Have you already tried eac to rip the tracks ? (Just in case, make sure the cd does not autostart, i.e. press shift while closing the tray, run eac before closing the tray)


Thanks for the tip !
Now i can “see” the audiofiles and copy them BUT …
The volume goes up and down so you can’t listen to it.
I have tried to copy with external compression (Lame) and even to a wav-file.
But it dosn’t matter ;-(
Because it most of all is cd-books I copy to my MP3-player the quality doesn’t matter…
And finally a question - support eac wma-files ? - I think they are the smallest
Best Regards