Key2audio rip ok, copy to MD not ok



hi, i’m rather new to this. I’ve been reading the forums for a few weeks as a guest and recently i ran into a problem and i couldn’t find any information on the forums with the japanese release of Radiohead: Hail To The Thief. ClonyXXL says it has Key2Audio protection. Used EAC with no problems, WinDac with no problems, ripped tracks manually and have a working CD copy and can convert the .wavs to mp3. I then try to copy the CD to MiniDisc. The stereo believes it is copying, but once it has finished, the MD won’t play, or, it plays it with lots of jerky pauses and long pauses. I eject the MD and insert again, and the stereo says a blank disc has been inserted. I’m using a plextor 24/10/40A drive, and i followed the steps as outlined in the forums. Using the same method, I’ve been able to copy to CD and then MD Asian Dub Foundation, Jane’s Addiction and others which also have some form of copy protection. Any help would be much appreciated. :confused:


Try burning the ripped .wav files to an audio CD then copy that CD to the MiniDisc.


sorry, I wasn’t clear. I burned the ripped .wavs to a blank audio cd and the CD plays fine on stereo and pc, but won’t copy to MD. the .wavs and mp3’s also won’t copy to MD


How “won’t copy to MD” happens?

Does the MD refuse to record the data from your burned CD?

Do you get an errror message?

Describe in detail what happens, if you can.

Maybe somebody can help then.

Best of luck!


this is rather embarassing. sorry, and thanks to those who replied.
my minidisc component of my stereo is busted, its not a problem with ripping the audio. :bow: sorry
could an admin close this thread please? its not exactly useful to anyone…


No problem