Key2audio Protection

Can anyone tell me if CD Mate can handle key2audio protected CDs. If so, how do I get the right settings for the CD in question.

Thought I saw a thread earlier that gave details on using ClonyXXL to get the settings but can’t find the thread now.

If anyone can help I’d be obliged.

hi m8

you can do key2audio in clonecd if your cd reader surports
reading of subchannal data?.
If so the settings in clone (read settings) tick read subchannel data. and tick read subchannal audio and tick the intelligent shearch for defect sectors. (write settings) tick dont repair subs
and dont forget to tick close last session.
and take a look here for some help on cdmate.

hope this helps you

Thanks for the reply but I’m a bit confused. Are the settings you refer to for CD Mate or CloneCD (as you state)?

I know that CloneCD can handle it but it’s Cd-Mate I want to find out about.

Thanks for the link to the CD-Mate forum but I’m told they are a might touchy about any mention of other software (such as Clony, CD Detective etc.) on their forums.