Key2Audio on latest CD Celine Dion: 40% failures

I just posted the article Key2Audio on latest CD Celine Dion: 40% failures.

Ludwig Van Mozart used our newssubmit to tell us that ZDnet France reports that they test 20 CD/DVD readers (using Nero) and 8 of them could easily read the latest CD of Celine Dion that is…

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Haha. Why do they even try? Even if they could make a copyprotection that wasn’t easy to get around for the average consumer using Nero, there are hackers that will just hack the encryptions and put their songs on p2p. The record companies are really stupid. They are only hurting their true consumers, not the “pirates”. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… They are only hurting their true consumers… 't Won’t be long until they have no more consumers left, if they go on like this. (I, for one, am one of those that they have recently lost, BTW.) Ergo: 't Won’t be long until no-one is getting hurt by these ass-holes any longer… Problem solved!

They lost me back in 1998. MP3 wasn’t just free music to me. MP3 was the key I needed to get into music at all. Prior to that, I had no CDs and didn’t listen to radio. After MP3, I bought about 100 CDs before the industry pissed me off enough to boycott. They’ve only made me angrier since.

use yer grey matter, thats what it is there for, download the album, it doesn’t take long :4 End of worry for the new protection then :slight_smile: Common sense seems too have drifted away. :frowning: Greetz from The Diplomat :slight_smile:

it looks like things come come down to this… 1. buy a $20 cd where 80% of it is crap, might not work on all your players, may not work at all after it gets a few scratches, and defiantly can’t be used on your portable mp3 player. or 2. get all the mp3 songs you want on p2p networks for free. the music companies have shot themselves in the foot, but i’m sure they will blame it on evil pirates.

But what if nobody is buying cd’s anymore? Don’t think the record companies will bring out cd’s or only cd’s that they know will sell just enough to make money. No new bands, no good music only evergreens. They better remove those protections (and save a lot of research money), and reduce the prices to a normal level.

key2audio is really a crap thing but it’s not true that the cd becomes unreadable after a few scratches because this kind of protection affects the TOC (table of contents) and not the audio tracks. Cactus Data Shield cds are more vulnerable because the protection is “inside” the tracks. The quality of CDS cds is also affected but the quality of key2audio is not deteriored. It’s easy to make backup copies of key2audio. If the reader is not able to directly read the cd BUT it does not reject it you may have a chance to rip the cd the digital way using CDRWIN. Just rip it by selecting the “select sectors” option, file format “wave” (not automatic) and then put 0 in “sector selection start”. For “sector selection end” you have to put a very high value, for example 600000. Then start the extraction and wait till an error message comes. The error message say that unreadable sectors are found and that the copy process failed. It also gives a range of values of the sectors that were unreadable. Take the first value and substract 1 to it. Start the extraction again and this time it should work. Then open the wave file in an editor like cool edit and remove the initial 5-10 seconds crap. Separate the tracks and voila. If you want you may also rebuild cdtext informations (you have to rewrite). It’s easy, you have a backup copy for example for car use in less time. Try it. I own an old dvd reader from pioneer (DVD 303F SCSI) and this method always work, sometimes I’m also able to play key2audio cds in windows. No change to play or rip key2audio with my yamaha writer (CRW2100 SCSI) There is a math way to calculate the sectors values, i’m not sure but I think 1 minute are 75 sectors.

I thought that 75 sec’s where the same as 1 second (75 * 60 = 4500 *80 = 360000 (usually around this)) or am I wrong?

1 min = 60 secs = 75 sectors Example taken from Example CD: Heather Nova “South” Total Time: 52 mins 51 secs Calculation: 52 Mins*60 = 3120 secs + 51 secs = 3171 secs * 75 = 237825 sectors

I’m pretty sure I saw celines latest cd on a newsgroup a week ago (mebbe more) all mp3eed up ???..:4

I listened to her CD twice.I thought it was 100% failure both times:r Eeven the baby :c cried :c when he heard it.:stuck_out_tongue:

This Celine Dion was easy to backup…This Protection is a Joke. Why do they bother. Thankyou Key2Audio Guys…You make me Laught.LoL :d

It should be pointed out that ISObuster can read any individual session on a multisession CD - A great way to bypass corrupt TOCs and similar…

Boycott the RIAA.

I’ve tried ISObuster it works fine! Thank you Deathstalker, this is a very useful proggie. Now I’ll use this to extract key2audo tracks. Perfect extraction and good ripping speed. Works fine, try it!