Key2Audio - I'm probably dumb


Being new to this forum and a newbie when it comes to audio cd protections, I’ve got some questions. :slight_smile:

The cd i’m having a problem with is the Aerosmith - Ultimate Aerosmith Hits cd, which I understand is protected by the Key2Audio protection. EAC recognised all 19 Tracks (17 Audio and 2 Data). I used the ‘copy image and create cue-sheet-> uncompressed’ option which succesfully created a ca.700mb wav file and the cue sheet.

My questions are:

  1. should this wav file contain all audio tracks mixed together one after one? If yes, something is wrong because the file contains nothing but 71mins of silence.

  2. If I would burn this image, would I just use nero and the ‘burn image’ option?

I’ll have to apologise as i guess these questions have probably been answered already a few hundred times but the forum is huge and i really got lost after one point :sad:

Many thanks in advance!

Actually, on the second disc (it’s a 2 disc album), I ticked the checkbox ‘Overread into Lead-in and Lead-out’ in EAC drive option and all the audio tracks played just fine. The same thing doesn’t go for disc 1 though…

Read this one very carefully > [COLOR=blue]Audio Copy Prot, hopefully it’ll give you a clue. [/COLOR] :wink:

Tackar så mycket! :wink:

That thread enlightened me for sure. I actually managed to rip both discs. Although I don’t know exactly how I did it…

The first cd was done with my dvd-rom (toshiba sd-m1612) which couldn’t read the second cd correctly at all… My cdr (tdk 321040) did that just fine though, so i ripped it using that…
I’m still a bit: :confused: