Key2Audio explained and should we fear it?

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As mentioned in the article it just plays without any problems on my old cd-rom player :4

The programms that are mentioned don’t work when you have a new CD player. Does anyone know how to solve it anyway?

I can also confirm that with a non multisession read capable cd-rom player (Philips PCA408CD) I have absolutely no problems reading Sony protected cd’s opposite to my newer cd-rom players.

Not sure if it will work but other protection schemes that use multi-sessions and fake/corrupted TOCs can be bypassed using a util called IsoBuster, which can read the individual sessions on a CD.

It seems quite ironic that Sony would release a form of digital-copy protection, while at the same time market their own portable mp3 players (which somewhat encourage ripping and encoding for “personal” use only)

:4 I was playing around with Audiocatalyst 1.5, with my 52x Actima CDROM, and have sucessfully ripped the Celine Dion cd to mp3. This was possible by bypassing the data track in the list to rip. The last track, next to the data, doesn’t rip though:(

Hello I got a 24X speed and a 32X speed CDROM Are they old enough to rip CD’s with key2audio?

a simple way, use a soft black pen, and fill the first source…thats all :diamonds:

the last post is totally true. just take a sharpie and draw on the outside edge of the cd. it covers up the data that makes your computer reject the disc. now put it in your drive and burn/rip away.

What part exacly and how far do you have to color black?

Celine Dion was OK with my RealJukeBoxPlus :). In trouble with Lauryn Hill :frowning: as previous settings do not work. I have an image with CloneCD but this will cost 2CD to bypass the protection: so no direct MP3 for me now. Can anyone suggest how to have a Virtual CD Rom on my PC to burn the IMAGE.CCD without loosing a CD?

works even fine with an Alps DC544 (4 disc changer)

  1. I would like to try BlindRead/BlindWrite Suite but don’t have a true protected CD yet! 2. We can wait for Daemon Tools updates on this CD protection (emulation)Hi! Hi!

On a protected CD you should notice a thin shiny band about 2mm thick. This signifies the start of the 2nd or perhaps 3rd session or just to keep it simple, the data track that so inconsiderately messes with your CD ROM drive. If you mark through this ever so carefully with a felt tipped pen in about 4 places equally spaced out around the band, your CD ROM should not be able to read the data and therefore instead of getting lost in the data track, skip straight to the audio. The only CD I have tried this on is Dave Matthews Band’s new CD Busted Stuff. And my basic reaction to this protection is…why? I don’t use original cd’s. Pretty much the only place I listen to CD’s is in my car and since my car got broken into, I don’t keep anything in there but burned copies. At any rate, this pen trick will allow you to rip and back up your CD for your own personal use. I personally recommend using a dry erase marker…it is a little less permanent if you screw up, and well, nobody is perfect. I had to erase mine about 4 times before I finally got it right, because I kept getting a little bit on track 11 and it wouldn’t rip. So be careful, be legal, and most of all…back up your CD’s…there’s no reason they should be able to take that away from you.

People seem to assume thats only the old drives are affected. This is not really the case I fell foul of the copy protection. Copying the CD with nero is possible but the cd jitters when played back unless its copied in raw mode using something like clone cd or golden hawk. What the extra data does is to stop programs like musicmatch recoginizing that you have a cd reader so you cannot rip the audio into mp3. My new machine no longer rips cds. :frowning: I normally copy all my cds on the computer and listen to them in winamp. If anyone knows how to get the cd working again please help. Ive tried Aspi but to no avail.

I have a LG CDROM drive model number CRD-8320B, and can confirm that Key2audio protected CDS play using any standard CD player.

I can say that Key2Audio was no problem when i used my Samsung 48x SC-148. I noticed that, and i can see i’m not the only one :wink: , that th9is type of protection is useless when using old cd-roms! BTW, if it helps, I used AudioCatalyst…

HEY! its me again :slight_smile: Everything went well, except for the last track of the cd! Probably coz its the one next to the data track surrounding the cd… oh well…

I have the Anastacia “Freak Of Nature” album protected with Key2audio and it plays perfectly on my LG CED-8120B CD-RW drive. However I did read from one source that the later version of Key2audio will allow playback on PCs yet the method is unknown. :slight_smile: :7