Key2Audio: 27 readers, 30 % failures

I just posted the article Key2Audio: 27 readers, 30 % failures.

Ludwig Van Mozart used our newssubmit to tell us that has tested Key2Audio on 27 readers, 7 could correctly extract audio tracks. Also quite interesting to see how other readers react :…

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I just wonder which ones would do the clean job which ones won’t. any people can give a list? thanks Man

Well, if you want to see what readers (actually CD-Rom’s and CD-R(W)'s) could cope with the protection, i suggest U check the source! :wink: (Link under the Newstitle) Cheers, PeJo

I can’t get the link to work… wrong referer… I want to see this list of cd-readers! BTW, apparently they used Celine Dion with key2audio v3, which is more compatible than v2! So this 30% can be made lower if Sony wants to!

I have a lite-on 48x reader. It does not support cd-text but no problems with key2audio. Perfect with EAC.

Upp3rd0G check the source link, that is one working (it’s still French tough)

i think that the 70% that failed didn’t try because they HATE celine dion’s new album and the other 30% did it to show it could be done then immediately set on fire the CD it was burnt on

Just tried out the new Celine Dion CD here at a friend’s house on an LG brand CD-RW drive. No problems reading or playing tracks under Windows. The CD didn’t appear to have copy protection on it. It carried no warning labels or any other text that said it was not a CD. Worth mentioning is that this CD was pressed in Canada. We ordered in online from HMV and had it shipped since other retailers were out of stock. The disc looks like it is 100% Canadian and has no copy protection whatsoever. It also worked on 2 other LG DVD drives we tested it on.

7 out of 27 means 30% was succesful, not 30% failures… (or do you mean: failures for Key2audio?)

The list:,,t118-s2108268,00.html