Key won't work for Platinum

I had searched for the term ‘key’ in this forum scanned through the threads and can’t say that I saw anything particular to my situation. If I am wrong, feel free to point it out.

Purchased this program a few days ago.

Basically I am wondering if someone with a legit registered version of dvd platinum v3.1.5.0 can go into their registry and tell me if this is what they see (!!obviously I don’t want anyone to relase their private key at all!)


Under the HDDecrypter folder I have a default and key Reg_sz. With the default obviosuly being blank and the then the long string of alphanumeric chars (same as in the actual key file) in the key section.

I still have the free edition :frowning:

Tried on two computers running winxp on my network with same results. One of which doesn’t even have a dvd drive in the machine :slight_smile: I even tried editing the key file (so it had a bunch of random chars in it and same result). Went through the registry and deleted out all the entries for ‘platinum’ and ‘dvdfab’. Uninstall and cleaned out registry dvdshrink and dvddecrypter as well. Rebooted into safemode (after reinstall) to try out the key and still same issue. Did this last step because support said to not have spyware or virus scanners running while doing this.

Still talking with support (send a few emails back and forth over the past few days), but no resolution so far. Even made a youtube video to show what is happening. In the process of uploading a second more indepth one as well… But since you can see abou 1/3 of the key in the video, wondering if I should blur out most of it…

Turns out that DVDFab Platinum and DVDFabHDDecrypter are two seperate (yet identical looking :slight_smile: programs. I have to download the trial of first. Now it seems to work fine. Was wondering what people where talking about being able to manually input a serial number :slight_smile:

Surprised that the tech support didn’t catch that right away…

So now what I want to know is; what is the difference between the gold and free edition (HDDecrypter).

I assume that platinum can decrypt hd content as well ?

Gold will burn,shrink,do the main movie or whole movie,ect.-decrypter will just back it all up to hhd.Platinum will do to many things to list.Not the least of which is dvd mobile back-up to almost anything.
P.S. When you bought Fab they sent the key and a link to download the program that is why they did not “catch” the error.
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If you [B]Purchased[/B] the product then you was given a KEY and was also given info on how to unlock the product :rolleyes:
messing with the registry to unlock it just does not sound to that you paid for it :disagree:

EDIT to my last post…SORRY did not see post #2 :frowning: :flower: :flower: