Key problems with clondvd

i just purchased a key for anydvd and for clone dvd. the key for anydvd worked fine but for the clone dvd it will not even open does any have any ideas. i have tried unistalling and rebooting and downloading again. i am running out of options. i have also left a reply to slysoft but i am impatient. so i am wondering if anyone has any ideas. i looks like i have tried to open it in the wrong program and and it tells me that it is not a valid win32 application. Runiing win98

can you right click it and select [B]open with [/B]then look for registry editer and choose it and see if it lets you register it.

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no it does not give me that option but thank you. any other input is well appreciated

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Check this link out. In particular post #4.

uninstall clonedvd and say no to retain reg settings
and now what does your reg key icon look like after you re-install clonedvd?
it should be orange with a sheep
if not it
then has been taken over by some other program like a wordpad or notepad
right click your key
goto properties and change the openwith to anydvd registration
may have to use browse (browse to install folder) if option is not there
close and try double clicking on it again

If none of the above work, try copying the key.CloneDVD file to key.CloneDVD.reg, then double click that. Windows will ask if you really want to update the registry, say yes.

The CloneDVD keyfile is simply a Windows registry file. Once the key is in the registry, the next time CloneDVD is run, it should pick up that it is registered.

Thank you everyone for your help. It was actually stupidity on my part. I had the wrong version of clondvd. i think it was a copy program that was similar because it was called clonedvd but it looked nothing like the slysoft one. I new something was wrong when i uninstalled it and installed it again it gave me another 14 days on the trial period. i know that slysoft programs do not do that. so now it it worked right and everything is working just fine. But thank you to everyone that took the time to help me. I’m new to this site but i think that it is incredible with the helpfulness and quickness in responses. So THANK YOU.

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