Key as a txt file?

I have one as my registration email said. I have downloaded the key which is in the form of a txt file to my pc, double clicked it opening note pad and rebooted.

AnyDVD still says I have 21 days trial period remaining

So searching the forum I found that I could go to the start menu and click “Register AnyDVD” but txt files are not reconised by that program.

The txt file says the following says “REGEDIT4


I very much would like to continue using AnyDVD, especially since I have recently paid for it.

Any assistance you can give me in this matter would be very much appreciated

Kind Regards

Michael Spencer

open that text file, then click:

  1. File
  2. Save as
  3. you are gonna rename the file: AnyDVD.reg

Once you have done that, you will double click on the new created file.


you will have 2 files now, the notepad and the .reg file

that worked thanks

You’re right, but even better would be: Rename it to Key.AnyDVD
The file will change its appearance to a little red fox. Double-click it, and you’re registered!
Why is this better? Renaming it to Key.AnyDVD will work on all Windows machines. Renaming it to AnyDVD.reg will fail on 64-bit Windows, because AnyDVD will look in the WOW64 registry, but regedit.exe will add it to the normal registry.
Using RegAnyDVD.exe will always do it right, it will add it to the WOW64 registry on 64bit Windows (same as RegCloneDVD for CloneDVD).

@ Olli,

I totally agree with your above posting.

If you would look in this Forum recently you would see that there has been numerous postings by AnyDVD Customers who have purchased valid Registration Key from SlySoft and have had encountered difficulties entering their Registration Keys. They problem stems from the very poorly written installation instructions that AnyDVD customers receive when they are sent their Registration Key. I believe that the Registration Key installation instructions needs to be rewritten and explain in detail exactly how to install the Registration Key (Example – Insure that the AnyDVD Registration Key is in the “Key.AnyDVD” format). Until these Registration Key installation instructions are rewritten AnyDVD customers will continue to experience frustration and difficulties installing their Registration Key. I am quite sure that the Customer Service and/or Technical Service staff at SlySoft has the expertise to write Registration Key installation instructions that are simple and easy to understand for their customers. That’s just my two cents worth of opinion free of charge.

Best Regards,

Thanks Ollie for the 64bit education, I havn’t messed with any 64bit as of yet.

hum also the little itty bitty fox with the setup is cool too…

@ bjkg

Thats the way Slysoft sent it to me: AnyDvd.reg
I didnt have any problems with it, I didnt have to change from notepad to .reg either…

@ lostmike

I’m glad everything worked…

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