Key 2 audio

well what’s this all about, hey i thought i was allowed to make one back up copy. clone cd read it ok but when it came to burn i just got an error code and a coaster.

well sony i just wont buy you anymore???

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Check this.


ok, i used clony xxl which showed it was key 2 audio protected, i used clony’s settings,(which i used for the last two attempts but just made coasters) but this time i ticked AWS it made a perfect copy and when i scaned it with clonyxxl was a simple audio cd which plays on my computer.

my cdrw is sanyo crd 1700

so his clony xxl open to errors
or is my understanding of amplify weak sectors wrong

:confused: :confused: :confused:

AWS has nothing to do with audio copy protections. If you want to know more on audio protections: please read this