Kerry my brother i need u again

alright so i went and downloaded img burn it looks really weird can u tell me like in a few small steps how to work this one or should i just get my mom 2 pay the money for convertxdvd since i understand it and put it in the phillips dvd player and it started now im just tryin to get rid of the dum buy a real copy message every 5 seconds when u play the dvd on the dvd player

The trial for ConvertXtoDVD leaves a watermark and it will do so until you buy it. That’s just the way they have set up the program for those who want to try it and see how well it works for them.

If you want a free program that can convert various types of video files and make a finished dvd for you, you should look at AVStoDVD or FAVC or DVDFlick. They work in a similar fashion to ConvertXtoDVD.
If you use FAVC, you’ll need to install AviSynth and Net 2.0 as well, but they are free and there are links to them at the FAVC site. For someone not too experienced in converting videos, I think DVDFlick would be the best choice…just to get started.

ImgBurn is just a burning program. It won’t convert anything. But it is a very good program, and I recommend it quite a lot. Look through the guides to using it here:
DVDFlick, AVStoDVD and FAVC can all be set up to burn automatically with ImgBurn once they have finished converting a file for you.

your a pimp kerry ur the MAN 4 REAL ight my dream for this week came true last peice 2 my puzzle is can i make the picture better i have a lcd vizio tv i messed with the zoom n stuff but whatever should i just download a better quality movie i burned it at 4x i member u sayin sumthin like burn it in 8x would that make a diffrence for how the picture comes out again thank u

One thing about this site that you should be aware of is the fact that we don’t discuss copyright protected material that is downloaded without permission of the copyright holders. Most torrents are not legal in this sense, and discussion of torrent files with commercial movies is a sure way to get your thread closed.

There are legal videos available through torrents though, and there are legal download services that require payment. We can help with those types of files.

Just a heads up.

Glad you got everything you need. And as far as burning speed, most modern 16x media and modern burners don’t do well at very slow speeds. I recommend 8x as the slowest burn speed for most types of regular single layer +R or -R disks. Some good media types are Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden (only found online in the US) and if you can’t find the first two, Sony brand disks.

right well no torrents here then there are alot of rules at this website but whatever im gonna reburn a diffrent movie at a faster speed and see if that helps the picture a lil bit and ill get some better discs when these ones run out is there discs that can hold like3 movies at once

whitheadsuxs; Beef Barley posted a link in the other topic that is also pretty good for using ImgBurn.
If you can be more precise about exactly the type files you are trying to convert maybe we can help more.
What files are you starting with & what is your source of these files?

Only post the source if it is a legal one so you don’t get the topic closed.Even that is at your descression if your source is legal & you don’t want to post it.Then don’t.

For putting 3 movies on one disc .You are going to have to learn a bit more.You are already not likeing the quality.If you try to compress 3 movies to one dics the quality is only going to get worse.
Of course there are Divx & Xvid that can do this from what I’ve read .I have no experience with using those.So I will let someone that does explain it.If I eventually get a standalone player that does those formats then I will try to learn them.
btw I am trying to learn some about them but taking a slow pace .