Kernel for 451



After sending my 451 to the maintenance service, my writer was returned without the appropiate kernel, I guested, as it can only write CD, CDRW but not DVD any more.
Since my guarantee is over.
I would like to know where I can get the ‘kernel’ or the missing ‘part’ so that my writer can write DVD again.


1/ By kernel I suspect you mean firmware.
2/ What version of firmware does your drive currently have?
3/ What DVD media are you trying to use?
4/ When you say it cannot write to DVD media, does the drive detect a DVD disc?
5/ Can it read a DVD disc?


1/ From DVDinfopro, I believe my EEPROM is removed by propose by maintenance staff. Please see attached
2/ The current firmware is GSB9. Please see attached.
3/ I have used a number of different media says, PRODISC R02, TY and CMC.
4/ Yes, it can detect media. Please see attached.
5/ I use the drive to read when ripping DVD movie and test media with Kprobe onlly. Of course it is excellent when writing CD and CDRW.

I think it is the missing of the EEPROM that make my drive unable to write DVD. Is it right?


I think that message is from DVDInfo and not from the LiteOn. The Command Set looks ok to me. Maybe try to remove the drive in device manager and reboot so win reinstalls the driver…