Kernal Mode I/O



I tried to look around this forum for this problem can anyone help me. I upgraded from to clone DVD and this is my problem now. My DVD burner will read the dvd, but at the end it auto ejects. Then I but a blank media, but the PLEASE INSERT A RECORABLE MEDIA INTO DRIVE D: WILL NOT GO AWAY, and I can’t get this to stop. I have tried 4 blank medias. I have the auto update on. I went to ElbyCDIO.dll and under properties got the words Kernal ModeI/O. Please help me. Is transcoder disable good? I get that on the log also.

My System.

Pentium 4 2AGHz
Windows XP
160 Gig HD
NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go 64M
I/O Magic DVD writter R- or R+