Kerio Firewall Ad Blocking?!?!?!?




I use Kerio Personal Firewall cos Norton just one day pissed me off to much. :a :Z

Anyway, it has a really good Ad-Blocking feature BUT it replaces all ads with “Ad blocked by KPF”. Is there anyway it blocks the ad and doesnt put any writing cos the “Ad blocked by KPF” is almost as annoying. Is there a setting i have missed or a plugin/tweak???




use Firefox with the Adblock extension. when you block ads, the page re-renders itself as if there were no ads there in the first place (i.e. no placeholders shown).

edit: sorry my response has nothing to do with Kerio firewall… :wink:


hmmm, i already use adblock with firefox…

But it is annoying manually blocking ads… espicailly for sites that you like visit once…



you could just create a custom HOSTS file that list most all common ad server domains:

here’s a link to lists of common domains:

btw, when you manually block ads, you should use the * wildcard for the root domain, that way you don’t have to block each individual ad but the extension will block any ad being served from that particular domain.