Kenwood celebrates silver anniversary with $2300 car player

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 This is a product for those that have everything including a good  job. Looks like Kenwood has celebrated their 25th anniversary by creating an in  car DVD player that throws in everything for...
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Sheeet! My car doesnt cost as much… But anyway, seems like a nice toy. Although for the price they could have thrown in: everything needed for satellite radio, multi-region DVD (what if you are really up to driving), XVID-DIVX support for backups, ability to play single avi mpeg files- for music videos, which probably is the best use for the device (who the heck watches Titanic while driving?) Overall, good effort, Kenwood. I’ll wait for another 25. Cheers. FidelC

Gotta admit I share the same sentiments as the above poster. For that price I dont expect it to be iPod interface adapter compatible - I expect it to be iPod compatible. I dont expect DVD playback, I expect full DiVX playback. I’d also expect sat nav built in as well for this price. Build yourself a car HTPC system and for this price you’d get all that and more! (

For the money, more audio options should be available. 4 band parametric eq is a joke (similar to the parametric eq on the 2005 excelon models). More bands should be given… at least 11 or 13.

It supports DVD-Audio but only supports 44,000Hz, kind of pointless.

I say its a chick climbing the rock.