Kenwood CD Players and CD-Rs



Hi, I been having a very strange problem lately. Everytime i burn a new CD and try to play it in my Kenwood Car CD Player, it doesnt read it. It used to play burned CDs just fine but has gone kerplunk for some reason. I've tried the same refused CD in a pioneer CD player and got it to play just fine. Can someone offer me any suggestions? And by the way, this happens with Sony, Maxell, and Other medias...


ive heard kenwood car cd players are usually not too compatible with burnt cds but thats not the case with yours i guess. The only possible solution i have, that might help is if you use a cd laser lens cleaner if you dont know what this is, its a cd with a little brush on the bottom that cleans the lens in the player. Why i suggest this is because i know somebody who had a problem like yours and they borrowed mine and it cleaned the lens, right after you could see the dirt on the bottom of the cleaner but it played burnt cds again perfectly like it did previously. hope that helps