Kenshin's 10,000th Post Thread

Should contain what? :bigsmile:

I thought of posting this:

4530 DVD-lab Studio v1.25 Update 2005-06-15 0
4529 DVDFab Platinum/Gold/Express v2.90 2005-06-15 2
4528 Ahead Nero Vision Express v3.1.0.11 … 2005-06-14 137
Ahead Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.14 & … [2] … 2005-06-14 552

because I realized Nero was posted on the server 12 hours ago and I spent more than one hour waiting for a download from a US Nero server but my post count was 9,999. :sad: :slight_smile:

Ten days from today is 6.25. 55 years after 1950.6.25. Hm… my daughter’s calling me.

Why your title not change? :slight_smile:
Are you going to stop posting because the 10,000 number looks good. :stuck_out_tongue:

:bow: 10K congrats… :bow:

Your next goal now should be 299792(.5) posts. :bigsmile:


congrats, I just hope that there is no need for me to read them all :wink:

I surely don’t read all of Dee-ehn’s and Mr. B’s posts. :bigsmile: (I’m a lazy reader.)


Can’t stop. I must beat both Dee-ehn and Mr. B.

Kidding. Hm… The reality is that I still have no idea really whether to have a computer at home at all. Just minutes after I posted my 10K’th post, my daughter spilled coffee on my feet. :sad: Not hot though. :slight_smile: Seriously, if any of you hottest burners and scanners lived less than 100km from my home, I would have given quite many of my PCs, servers, and DVD hardware long ago for nothing but on conditions like “should be used for xxxxxx purposes only.”

congrats m8 10 000 a big no

Congrats Kenshin.:slight_smile:

Congrats Kenshin!!! Know can anyone guess when Kenshin daughter will hit 10,00 post. :wink:

'grats Kenshin…

I must have read at least a thousand of them. :slight_smile:

1,000 or 10,000? I should give her a water-proof and germ-free keyboard now. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone. :bow: During the last five months, I posted a little close to 2,500 posts, just about 16 posts per day. Since May 2005, 9 posts per day. There are many people now who regularly post more than 20 per day. (Look at zevia and isadore.) :bigsmile:

Would have been like 3-4K if I had NEC 8x-16x drives.

Welcome to the few, the l33t, the hope of mankind and rulers of the universe. :bow: :bow: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Congrats Kenny…now post up so pics of the kiddie…:smiley:

Congrats! :smiley:

I would be shocked if i have not read more of kenny’s posts than almost anyone else. you are messing up you falling off average kenny. 54 posts in the last 17 hours… or are you getting interest on prior posts? :slight_smile:

Congrats… How many of those do you think were quality scans which helped the rest of us out?

Congrat’s, where does the time go!!?

Kenshin, What’s your full name? Living in Seoul?

And some Germ Proof Prodisc media to go with it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, but nowadays I read and participate in all “Recording Hardware” forums. :slight_smile:

Yes but your posts usually contain useful information or good discussion contributions.