Kenshin gone over the top

This thread says it all.
I know moderaters are not robots and will react differently to certain topics but his reaction is a bit too much.

He’s not going to post in the livingroom anymore until things are resolved.

I thought moderaters should have a little more backbone than that.

He/she is saying that we attack the guy. Its just not true (in my opinion). Its just comments on his way off posting.

glsuperpyz is posting in a livingroom…! or not.

Sorry, but I understand where he is coming from on this.

Living room or not the thread was not constructive and was hardly in favour of that member, whatever your views on his amount of posts.

I too would like to see more constructive threads there, rather than negative ones.

JMO :slight_smile:

As Kenshin wisely decided to leave these kind of topics alone I think there is no reason to continue this discussion. Mind that we have a lot of different nationalities on the board. This also means a lot of different cultures and points of views. These can be strange/offensive in your eyes, but keep in mind your views can also be strange/offensive in the eyes from someone on the other side of the world.